Andreas K. Schmidbauer

Master of Science (Diplom Ingenieur) in Communications, Information
and Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology (TUM)
in Munich, Germany. Admitted as German Patent and Trademark Attorney
and as European Trademark Attorney since 2006 and as a European
Patent Attorney since 2007. Worked for seven years as engineer at the
Institute of Communication of the German Aerospace Center and as
Research assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Communications
Engineering at the TUM. Joined the firm WAGNER & GEYER in 2002;
partner of the firm since 2011. Mr. Schmidbauer has experience in a
wide range of technology, mostly in the field of mechanical and
electrical engineering and in particular a long term expertise with
CDMA and communication systems, channel coding, equalization and
systems engineering. Mr. Schmidbauer handles all aspects of patent
prosecution, oppositions, as well as patent litigation and trademarks.